Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NC Vacation: More Photos Part 1

Photo 1: Cherub 6 in his favorite LL Bean sweatshirt - this shirt was a gift to Cherub 1 on his 2nd Christmas (almost 11 years ago !!). He was getting tired ... this photo was taken around 330p, after skiing since 930am.

Photo 2: Cherub 6 skiing - headlights, frenchfries PERFECT ! He got a turn on the Intermediate slope, but was with DadToCherubs the whole time because no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to stop at all ... he jsut zoomed until he crashed. HA !!

Photo 3: Cherub 3 seemed to pick up skiing the fastest ... this photo was taken on one of his first "runs" down the beginner slope. He did well on the Intermediate slope without needing help from DadToCherubs.

Photo 4: Cherub 4 LOVED skiing, but had issues with stopping. She knew HOW to stop ... she jsut did not WANT to stop. But eventually she did as she was taught. She went down the Intermediate slope with DadToCherubs and squealed the entire way down - HA !!

Photo 5: Cherub 1 took his skiing very seriously, and had a grand time. He did well on the intermediate slope as well WITHOUT help from DadToCherubs.

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