Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NC Vacation: Cherubs In Ski Classes

Photo 1: Actually, this photo was taken at the end of class. Cherubs 1-6 with their Ski Pro's ... Ms. Michelle and Mr. Beau.

Photo 2: Cherubs 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6 at the top of the Beginner Slope. Cherub 2 had just taken her turn, and Cherub 6 is starting his turn right now ... "Headlights", "French Fries" were his instructions. (headlights means hands on knees of balance, and frenchfries means skis parallel like frenchfries)

Photo 3: Everyone in class is listening closely, except Cherub 6 who just "caught" us watching and taking photos. See his "photograph" smile ?? HA !!

Photo 4: All students listening to the instructors from the top of the Beginner Slope.

Photo 5: When the Cherubs first arrived at the classroom, each was assigned a "bib" with a number and their equiptment information and their names. They were getting the "you ahve to listen and do exactly as we say" speech in this photo. They were SOOOO excited ... but were "excellent" students according to the Pros.

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