Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NC Vacation: Final Entry

We finished skiing at 430p and returned our equiptment. What a grand day we had !! Our legs felt like rubber, and our bodies were aching because we had been in the cold all day ... but our hearts were filled with joy after such an exciting day.

We were tired ... actually, tired was an understatement. We were just plain exhausted - every single one of us. We decided that on the way back to the hotel we would stop to have dinner, and then we would not have to "go out" again that evening. So we went out for dinner. Everyone was SO wiped out !! After dinner, the children went swimming at the hotel while DadToCherubs and I soaked our poor aching muscles in the hot tub. After the trip to the pool area, everyone was bathed and in bed ASLEEP by 9pm. Not even a peep from anyone when "bedtime" was announced. I think even the children were secretly happy that bedtime had finally arrived.

On Tuesday morning we got up , packed our bags again, and loaded the car. We sat in the hotel's Breakfast Area and enjoyed breakfast together, while talking about our grand adventures in NC and all the fun we had together. Then we set out via the interstate to head home just a little after 10am.... and found no wintery mix , no wind or rain, and no ice ... clear skies and smooth driving the whole way home. We arrived home around 1pm.

After a wonderful few days in NC, and they were indeed wonderful, we are all happy to be home again .... and our pets (and Grandpa) were happy to see us return as well. What excellent memories we have to savor ... and we are anxiously anticipating the next Winter Getaway.

Side Note: Since coming home from Cataloochee, the children have each asked if it is possible to ask Santa for ski passes and lift tickets instead of toys so that maybe we can go skiing more than 1x per year. HA ! They have all said that their favorite thing about winter is skiing. I think they are "hooked".

End Note: Cataloochee Ski Resort is located in Maggie Valley, NC.
Here is the link for the resort.

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