Friday, January 12, 2007

Studying U.S. Geography

With our study of American History this term, we are also learning U.S. Geography including regions, states, capitals, major landscape features (lakes, rivers, mountains, etc), and major industries per state & region. We are using several different materials with this study in addition to traditional mapwork with blackline maps.

One book we are using is Dover's Coloring Book of the United States which features the shape of the state, industries, state flower, state bird, state tree, geographical features, state motto, date the date entered the United States, and other tidbits of information that might be of interest. The states are studied in alphabetical order.

Another activity we are using for this study is U.S. Geography Bingo, which is a game we play during school sometimes. It is a pretty neat resource, and makes learning geography FUN.

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