Saturday, January 06, 2007

Remember Helping A Friend Nest ?

In November we helped Ms. H with her nesting by working in her yard (see previous post).

Well, baby Joseph was born in early December. After having severeal colds, we were unable to go to see him until just this week. He is just adorable !! My camera batteries almost died (no flash) when our Little Mother (Cherub 2) held Baby Joseph .... but she was SOOOO pleased to finally be able to hold him. We are so happy for the H family ... Mom, baby, Dad, and the siblings are all doing well. Praise God !!

Update 01/17/2007: Please pray for Baby Joseph. He has RSV and has been seen by doctors, but is still coughing pretty badly. He is so young to be sick.

Update: 01/25/2007 : We have it on good authority that Baby Joseph is doing MUCH better ... barely a cough remaining. Thank you for praying for him.

Final Update: 02/01/2007: We saw Baby Joseph yesterday. No more coughing or congestion ... just a happy little boy. Praise God for the return of good health !! And thank you again for praying for him !!

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