Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chick Crisis

This morning Vixie (our new Mom) was out in the pen with her two peeps that hatched yesterday .... and in her nest along with the other unhatched eggs was a little fuzzy gray chick still too weak to walk (but all dried off and fluffy - peeping up a storm) ... and there was a little peep still sticky and wet, but it was breathing and peeping a bit.

So they are both inside because Mom was not caring for them. We are hoping they will warm up a bit as they are in a box on fluffy towels (fresh from the dryer) and are under a light. And we are hoping that with some chick starter and water that they will perk up a bit so that they can rejoin their mother tonight (after dark) in the nest with the other peeps.

We checked the other eggs, and so far none are pipped. So we will keep checking ...
IN THE PHOTO: on the left is the little wet chick (on the striped towel) and on the right is the little gray chick (on the blue towel). We are using the Mancala box to separate them just incase someone feels like pecking (which happens when they are stronger). We do not want them to injure each other with pecking around.
Update Friday June 15: (1) The little fuzzy gray peep was successfully returned to Vixie's nest last night, and did great today in the care of his mother while in the chicken yard with the whole flock. YEAH - a happy reunion !! (2) The very first little peep (the wet one - who is now named Squeaks btw) we found abandoned has made an amazing recovery but is even still tonight a bit too wobbley to return to the family, so perhaps tomorrow if more improvements are made ?? Better to be safe than sorry. (3) And lastly, Cherub 2 checked the hen house this morning for fresh eggs and progress (we have 2 other Moms setting - in addition to Vixie's new hatches) ... she found yet another little wet shivering peep in the middle of the floor struggling to breathe, only it apparently got pecked pretty hard by someone and suffered quite a head wound (on the side of the head just a bit behind the eye). It was unable even to hold its little head up all day, but finally this evening it is "almost" sitting properly, and seems to have gained a tiny bit of strength. And of course it is fluffed and dry now as well. We are doctoring it's wound with Neosporin and are giving water and chick starter ... and the heat of the lamp, along with a soft comfy towel to sleep on .... what else could it possibly want ? HA ! Well, to be honest, we were not very confident that this little one would make it, but so far it seems far more possible as time passes. This little one will be with us atleast until the wound is completely healed so that no one else pecks it again. The poor little dear - it is soooo tiny. We will keep you posted.

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