Sunday, June 24, 2007

Starting A Very Busy Week

We have an extremely busy week ahead.

Monday through Friday this week - we have swimming lessons from 9-10am and then again from 1130a-1230p.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week - we have swim team practice from 6-7p.

Monday afternoon we have to go to the Library to return our books and check out some more.

Tuesday at 8am our dog, Daisy, has an appointment with the groomer for a bath and a summer haircut.

Tuesday at 7p (to ??) we have our first Swim Meet.

Wednesday at 530p Cherub 6 has swimming lessons (private instruction).

And to top it all off, we have to get the house & yard in order and get packed for a trip to the lake.

Busy busy busy. I have not yet figured out how to COOK meals in the car, but I will have to figure out something as it seems we will be nearly living in the car this week. HA !!

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