Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garden Spot Update

Above is our garden spot which measures approximately 130 x 40 ... and then there are photos of me using the new "toy" we got to break up the soil a bit better. The tractors did a great job of breaking the ground initially, but it was broken into HUGE clumps. So the little tiller is then used to break the soil into "dirt" instead of uneven chunks. And it works great ... but BOY OH BOY are my arms tired. The children raked out the remaining debris to the sides, and hauled it away by the wagonload .... their arms are tired too.

We were out this morning getting plants and seeds. So, tomorrow afternoon after church we should be ready to begin staking and planting.

Then we just have to pray for rain and maintain it as the plants grow. After that ... yummy !!

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