Friday, June 08, 2007

More Storm Photos

The storm clouds gathered and the wind picked up. The thunder rolled in the not-so-far distance.

And then ... the rain fell ... cold, drenching, POURING rain .... (photo 4 is of the puddles and the water literally rushing down along our driveway curbs - a sign that it is a really really good rain !!)
So far this heavy rain has lasted 20 whole minutes. The sky is still dark and the winds still blowing, so hopefully it will last atleast a little bit longer.
UPDATE ON 06/09/2007 (SATURDAY MORNING): The second storm that came lasted just under 2 hours total. Our rain gauge shows that we received 1/2" of rain yesterday total. And everything this morning looks sooooo green again. What a difference it made !! All nature is singing praises to God for the refreshing rain !! (and we are too !)

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