Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swim Meet Photos

The children participated in their very first Swim Meet on Tuesday evening at the YMCA. Everyone had a lot of fun, and everyone swam as best they could. And after it was all over, they each admitted (quietly) to being "very tired".
Photo 1: Cherub 3 finishing his 50 Freestyle race.
Photo 2: Cherub 4 at the halfway point of his 25 Freestyle race.
Photo 3: Cherub 1 swam a race doing the backstroke, which he had just learned to do correctly during warm-up. He also raced with 16-18yo boys as there were no other 13/14yo boys - and he held his own quite well.
Photo 4: Cherub 2 finishing the first part of her 50 Freestyle race.
Photo 5: Cherub 5 finishing her last of 4 events doing something that looked to be a combination of the Freestyle and the Breaststroke, with a little "frog swim" thrown in to help her get to the wall. HA !!
We will find out today at practice the actual race results, their times, and winning placement ... and some might even be awarded ribbons if they "placed".
The important part was the THEY DID IT despite being exhausted and despite this being their very first Swim Meet after only 3 practices, and despite being some of the smallest, youngest, and newest members. They displayed excellent sportsmanship - and smiled no matter what the outcome. Each of the children did their best, and enjoyed the event. They did not give up even though they were overwhelmed, and at the end were utterly exhausted. Their coaches were very pleased with their attitudes and their dedication - each coach complimented them several times throughout the race. HOORAY !!

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Sissy Kaf said...

We started swim team monday, its been fun. I guess we'll see you guys there when you get back from vacation!