Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swimming Lessons

The Red Cross is having swimming lessons for 2 weeks. All of the children are signed up, except Cherub 6 who is too tiny and too young by their rules.

Our older 5 children already know how to swim, so their lessons focus on improving their swimming. They are learning to dive correctly, various floating methods, and several strokes. They are also learning breathing techniques and kicking styles.

Everyone passed Beginner levels 1-4 on the second day of class. They each worked hard and were very proud of this accomplishment. And then during the testing time, Cherub 1 and Cherub 2 moved from Beginner 5 into the Advanced Beginner level. Cherub 3, Cherub 4, and Cherub 5 were doing well but need to be a bit stronger before moving up.

So this is our daily agenda right now .... Cherub 1 and Cherub 2 go to their Advanced Beginner class from 9am-10am each day (M-F). And then Cherub 3, Cherub 4, and Cherub 5 go to their Beginner Level 5 class from 1130am-1230p each day (M-F). We go to the community school in between to play on the playground, so that is fun too ! This makes for a very LONG morning, but the effort has already been well worth it. Everyone is improving quite a bit, and we still have a week and a half of lessons left. Since we are around the water "a lot" in the summer monthes, swimming is essential in our family. And there is always room for improvement.

There was one very disappointed little boy (Cherub 6) when the Red Cross instructors said he was too tiny and too young - he is SOOOO close to swimming solo and he really wanted to take the class too. So we have arranged for private lessons for him with one of the lifeguards named Holly. She is very sweet, and we will go to her house two or three evenings a week (they have a pool). Tonight was his first lesson - Cherub 6 was grinning form ear to ear - he was so pleased to be there. He is a great listener and worked very hard, and we believe in just a few weeks he will be swimming like a fish WITHOUT SWIMMIES !!

The plan is that each of our children will go through the complete Red Cross course, which will take a few years. And then they will each take the Junior Lifesaving Class (lifeguard training) through UT or the YMCA. We think this is great training for them as children just for the skills and knowledge. It is also a great potential summer job if they so desire. And lastly, we feel this will also be well worth the effort when they are near the water, and eventually when they have children of their own someday.

So, if we do not blog for a while .... it is beacause we are very busy with swimming lessons. Or perhaps we are "practicing" at the City's pool.

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