Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rain ??

Absolutely !! The storm came this time - with 60mph gusts according to our local news, and we saw hail, and LOTS of thunder & lightening. It was awful ... except the RAIN which was wonderful.

And I suppose the question is WHY IS THIS FAMILY SO FOCUSED ON RAIN LATELY ?? Well, because our area is in a severe / extreme drought and we have had minus 13" of rain so far this year (compared to annual averages). So all rain is precious, and a reason to celebrate. We have a garden and flowers, but even our animals seems to be a bit "off" with things being so dry. And we are living on a dairy farm, and we KNOW they need rain for the hay to grow and the corn ... and to keep the wells full too.

The children are cheering - WOO HOO !!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE RAIN !!
UPDATE: In 15 minutes we received 1 full inch (and a smidge more) of rain. Also the temperature dropped from 85 degrees to 65 degrees. So our land and well are thankful AND there will be a nice cool night's sleep to look forward to as well !!

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MamaLion said...

Man, it keeps hitting you and we barely get any!