Monday, June 04, 2007

Garden Update AFTER THE RAIN

YAHOOOO !! We were working hard to get the rest of the garden in this afternoon. We planted our pumpkins (jack o lantern and sugar), snow peas, 2 kinds of green beans, watermelon, cantelope, honeydew .... and then rows of corn (silver queen and bi-color sweet).

We were only 4 rows short of finishing sowing the corn seed when the sky got dark REALLY QUICKLY ... and then the wind came and the thunder began to rumble. Just a few minutes later the rain began to POUR .... a cold hard blowing rain. YAHOOOO !! I am not sure how much rain actually fell, but with the drought we are THANKFUL for any at all. Actually, with our blisters and aching muscles we were thankful for the little break too.

So we waited for the rain to stop so we could finish our corn planting .... then the garden was offically PLANTED. All that is left is to fence it off, but that will have to wait until our blisters heal. HA !!
After planting, we cleaned up the tools and put everything away. And then THE BATTLE WAS ON .... a water gun battle broke out between all of the cherubs. The verdict on the "winner" has yet to be determined.
PHOTO: The photo above was the RAINBOW after the storm we had. Isn't it pretty ?? And in addition to being so beautiful, it is a reminder of God's Promise.
UPDATE 6/5/07: MORE RAIN TONIGHT. I was in Knoxville with a friend this evening for a trip to teh bookstore and coffee. It started raining just as we were leaving to come home. The rain followed us (off and on) the whole way home ... and when we arrived at my house, IT WAS RAINING !! (which is esp good as I did not water my newly planted garden because I was not home.)

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