Friday, June 01, 2007

Rain Glorious Rain

Our area is over 13" less than average for rain so far this year; we are definately in a drought. The gentleman that owns this farm said his corn is nearly dead in the field already.

After weeks of NO chance of rain in the forcast, we finally had a 30% chance of thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday ... and we had no rain at all. Not even a single drop. Today we had a 40% chance of rain. And we have a 40% chance tomorrow and Sunday as well according to the forecast.

Cherub 2 and I spent this afternoon in Knoxville doing our grocery shopping. While riding down the interstate to come home we noticed dark clouds in the distance, adn thought we could hear some thunder rumbling in the distance. We were trying to guess which direction it was coming / going and whether or not it was going to come to our house. And we were praying for rain ... for our critters and our plants ... and for the farm as we know that the corn is much needed for the critters, not to mention hay to cut and water in the wells.

Well, as we drove into town, the sky literally opened up ... it rained REALLY hard for about 20 minutes, and then continued to rain softly for another hour.

The rain gauge shows that we had just a little less than 1/4" of rain this afternoon.

The land shook under our feet as the flowers, trees, and plants danced with joy ... and I think I saw some cows doing a jig in the field too. The sound of the singing they made was nearly deafening. (and my imagination is quite sharp, as you can see.) They were singing "RAIN, GLORIOUS RAIN !! THANK YOU LORD FOR THE GLORIOUS RAIN !!"

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