Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The End Of An Era

Now, I am not a television fan. Actually, I would prefer to live without one completely. But, that being said, I have been known to watch a few shows here and there. Mostly documentaries and other one-time programs. And I do try to watch the news atleast a few times per week.

All of this is leading up to the point of this entry: The End Of An Era.

I learned that Bob Barker is retiring after 35 years on the Price Is Right.

I remember watching the Price Is Right when I was home sick from school in first grade .... and many times through my school years did Bob and I spend time together when I was too sick to go to school. His voice was almost comforting during my suffering. I also remember watching Bob when I was in the Hospital recovering from a migraine ... I was on active duty in the Navy then. I also saw the show following the births of several of our children while we were in the hospital. And I have seen him a few times here and there through the years since.

When I told my children about this news, they ALL knew the show and they have all seen it ... mostly on sick days (since mean ole' mom restricts television unless you are nearly dead - HA !). They asked WHY he would retire ?? The article says he is 83yo, and I have to agree that it might be time for him to retire and enjoy some relaxation.

So - Bob Barker has been on the Price Is Right for 35 years !! And I am 36 years old. His "career" nearly spans my entire lifetime. WOW !!

The news release says they intend to continue the show, but with a new host. This is my question - how does one select a man to follow such an icon of American Culture ?? Well, I know one thing for sure ... my sick days will never be the same again.

To See The Actual News Article, click here

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