Saturday, June 09, 2007

Garden Update

It has been just over a week since we finished putting in the garden.

And this morning I went out to see if I could notice any growth, especially after the wonderful 1/2" of rain we received yesterday.

WOW !! Our first three rows of corn are starting to come up; it is maybe 1/4" tall so far. (We will plant the other 3 rows in another week or so to stagger the harvest a bit.) The row of radishes is up. The sunflower seeds have sprouted and each plant has 3 leaves so far. The pumpkin seeds have sprouted. The tomato, cucumber, melon, pepper, and squash plants are no longer wilted and look "lively".

So - that's certainly progress !! Just waiting on the carrots to peek through .... then everything will be "up".

We are going to mulch the garden today with 2 bales of rotten hay, so that should help with soil moisture and temperature, and over the coming monthes it should do much for our soil which needs improvement as it is mostly red TN clay.

Update: Tuesday June 12th: We have been working hard these past few days to mulch our veggie garden. The farm gave us a bale of rotten hay, so we are pulling it off and are mulching around all of our plants and seed beds. It is our hope that it will continue to breakdown, thus feeding the soil, and will ultimately not only help our plants retain moisture and nutrients as they grow, but also that or soil in that area will be much improved for next year's garden as well.

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