Thursday, June 07, 2007

Let The Bowflexing Begin

Well, my Mother's Day gift (my request) finally arrived just before Memorial Day. DadToCherubs assembled it after we got home from our weekend at the Lake.
Assembly was not easy - this thing has a million pieces. It took DadToCherubs several hours, and maxed out his patience completely. HA !! But finally it was assembled and ready for use. We put it in DadToCherubs office for two reasons - it takes upa 6 foot by 8 foot space - and so that we did not disturb one another working out at varied hours (night vs day workouts).
Photo 1 above of DadToCherubs assembling the Bowflex.
Photo 2 above is the fully assembled Bowflex.
DadToCherubs and I have officially been Bowflexing for over a week now. We are working out once daily for 30 minutes, faithfully. I am working out in the morning when I first awake, and DadToCherubs is working out in evening just before he is scheduled to work or the middle of the night after work (he works nights from home). Other than a few sore muscles, our program is going well so far. Training ourselves into a new HABIT of course is the biggest challenge, but so far it is going smoothly.
Our plan is to tone muscle, and NOT to look like body-builders (well, DadToCherubs might want to eventually, but not me !!). We thought that since we are both in our mid-30's that we should get into the habit of keeping better health practices. We are not kids anymore. (HA !) So first we are beginning our workout programs, and are going to do them faithfully for 3 weeks. Then we are going to begin a diet of very-healthy eating, not just to lose some unwanted pounds, but also to optimize our energy levels, metabolism, and to gain muscle tone. DadToCherubs hopes to shed some pounds while getting back into shape, and he is looking forward to having more energy. I just want to tone up a bit, and more energy would be nice. When we begin the diet, DadToCherubs is giving up soda completely ... please pray for him when he begins this. He managed to quit soda (and lose about 15 pounds) for nearly 4 weeks before the fire (he gave it up for Lent). When he first "quit" he really struggled with headaches (because of his lack of sugar comsumption and caffeine withdraw) .... but then with the stress of the fire and the lack of sleep through that period of time, he started drinking it again. I have already cut my morning coffee to 2 cups and have stopped using sugar, instead using Splenda. It's a start .... I plan to eventually quit "morning coffee" all together.
So - stay tuned for progress.

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