Friday, August 03, 2007

1 Aquarium ... 2 Aquariums

In early July, my parents gave us a neat dual-aquarium stand. It also had 1 aquarium, a filter and air pump sustem, and the lid complete with a light. WOW !! So after having it sit here for a while, we decided it was time to set it up. Of course we needed MORE pets, right ?!?!

The top aquarium is for fish (and eventually a snail, but we need algae first !). We have 7 fish now. The photo was taken just after we bought the fish - they were getting settled before we let them out of the bag. It turned out nicely !!
And the bottom one needs a screen cover first, and then we will use for "gathered critters" (for observation followed by release) - lizards, turtles, neat bugs, and such.

The bottom so far has been very handy - with a heating pad and some fluffy towels, it makes a nice "chick recovery center" for baby peeps. We have 12 baby peeps, and 4 peeps that are around 4w old right now. We have had a few struggle or get pecked by other hens, and of those, we have saved 3 and lost 3 that could not be helped.

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