Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nine Years Ago Today

Nine years ago today, Cherub 4 was born. Today is his birthday ... and he has been positively GIDDY about it all day. He was, just to note, our first child born in Tennessee .... our first Official Southerner.
His requested a special breakfast this morning ... a giant bowl of Chocolate Honeycombs (cereal) .... YUM !! (not !!). And we celebrated his Birthday Dinner a few evenings ago at the Steak House per his request - he had the "buffet" of fried chicken, fried fish, okra, corn bread, macaroni & cheese, creamed corn .... a good old fashioned Southern meal. Perhaps being SOUTHERN is truly in the water ?? (HA !)
Today is Tuesday, which means it is a school day. Cherub 4 completed his lessons without fail - he is a very dedicated student lately !! He especially enjoyed THE STORY OF THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER (from the Cornerstones of Freedom series), and then also enjoyed (even more) today's readings from OUR ISLAND STORY about both of Caesar's invasions of Britain long long ago. His notebook pages for each of his History readings were VERY creative.
This afternoon he will play outside (perhaps re-enacting Caesar's invasions - this was his idea for today IF there was no work to do on the farm),. However, what he REALLY wants to do today is to "work" on the farm if he is invited - he is really hoping to be invited to help out as this is his MOST FAVORITE activity right now, whether caring for cows or riding in tractors. (He "works" only with one of the men who own the farm OR with the Farm Manager - just to be safe.)
So this evening we will have cake and icecream - all chocolate - a boy after his mother's own heart ! And perhaps there will be a special gift to open too !!

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