Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Wedding Announcement

Candace, our dear young friend (and the oldest daughter of dear friends) , is getting married ... on November 10th ... and we are so excited for her.

There are some nice photos of the Engaged Couple on their family blog, along with the official announcement.

Our children are soooo excited for Candace (and Michael too) ... they said Michael is very blessed because Candace is such a VERY special young lady ... they took turns citing her "gifts" like her creativity, her ability to love, her kindness, her adventurous spirit, and her "have fun where ever you are" gift. And our girls have apparently admired her commitment to modesty and purity throughout her teen years (since we have known them). Our boys also noticed that as well (YEAH !!). At the end of the conversation, they said that they hope Michael is "just as special" as she is !! (no bias in this crowd - HA !) We will certainly be praying for them as they prepare for their wedding and as their lives become one in just a few monthes. In all of the talking this evening, Cherub 5 was uncharacteristicly quiet. Hummm ... so later I inquired as to what she thought .... well, she is a bit upset that her "evil twin" is getting married and will likely be moving away (to near Nashville) ... not to mention no longer babysitting here at Beck's Bounty. She cried quite a bit, but did eventually admit that she is happy for Candace but still sad too. I guess that might be normal when you are just 7yo. She wants to keep Candace "all to myself forever", she said. Awwww .... this was quite an expression of sentiment from this little Cherub (for those who know her atleast, because she is NOT exactly sentimental about much of anything). I suppose we will have to work on her a bit before the wedding, and before the rest of the "E" girls get married too ! (HA !)


** October 30, 2007 UPDATE:
Candace and Michael eloped last week.

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MamaLion said...

Tell Cherub5 that Michael is VERY SPECIAL too. Everyone likes him, even those who are not so easily impressed. He truly seems to be Candace's perfect match.