Wednesday, August 01, 2007

School Plans for Cherub 1

The New St. Joseph's Catechism (No. 2)
Bible History (by: Ignatius Schuster, D.D.)
Butler's Lives of Saints (By: Bernard Bangley)
Trial & Triumph (By: Richard Hannula)
Scripture Memory & Bible Notebook
** CCD and Youth Service Projects (made available through our church)

The Story of Mankind (By: Hendrick Van Loon)
What Everyone Should Know About The 20th Century (By: Alan Axelrod)
Augustus Caesar's World (By: Genevieve Foster)
Story of the Greeks (By: H.A. Guerber)
Story of the Romans (By: H.A. Guerber)
** yet to be selected, 3 - 4 biographies
** entries for Book of Centuries To Be Completed Daily / Weekly as needed.

Natural History / Natural Science:
Handbook of Nature Study (By: Anna Comstock)
School of the Woods (By: William J. Long)
Sea Around Us (By: Rachel Carson)
Weekly: Nature Studies & Nature Notebook

Book of Marvels (By: Richard Halliburton)
Geography of the United States (By: Dover Publishing)

Science & Biographies:
Secrets of the Universe (By: Paul Fleischer)
Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity (By: Cwiklik)
Archimedes and the Door of Science (By: Jeanne Bendick)
Galileo and the Magic Numbers (By: Sidney Rosen)
Apologia Botany (term 1)
Apologia Zoology I (term 2)
Apologia Physical Science (solo)
The Body Book

**possible change to Teaching Textbooks in late fall.
2 - 4 "living Math books" (yet to be selected).

Spelling Wisdom Vol. 3

Penmanship (first term only):
Mrs. Bridges (calligraphy)

Education & Business Skills:
How To Write A Letter (The Idiot's Guide To Letter Writing)
Typing Instructor (software)

Easy Typing (additional exercises for practice)
How To Study (By: Scholastic)

Intermediate Language Lessons (By: Emma Serl)

Composition (Writing Skills & actual Composition):
Writing Skills Workbook 1 & 2 (Spectrum)
How To Write A Book Report (Scholastic)
Writer's Inc.
The Writer's Jungle (& Bravewriter Program) ??

Foreign Language:
Rummy Roots (sets 1 & 2 ) - greek and latin roots
Spanish ?? Rosetta Stone ??

Poetry and Verse:
Shakespeare - Lamb's AND original plays (1 per term - yet to be selected)
Poet Studies & Memorization - Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, and Alfred Noyes

Age of Fable (By: Thomas Bulfinch)
Age of Chilvary (By: Thomas Bulfinch)
Black Ships of Troy (By: Rosemary Sutcliff)

Artist Study:
Great Masters Study (By: Dover Publisher)
The Story of Painting: From Cave Painting To The Modern Times

Watercolor Technique
Oil Pastel Technique
Sketch Technique (continued from last year)
Colored Pencil Technique (continued from last year)

Composer Study:
2 per term (yet to be decided)
Spiritual Lives of the Composers
Color The Classics #1

The Body Book

Swim Team

Additional Reading:

Animal Farm (By: George Orwell)
The Endless Steppe (By: Esther Hautzig)
The Bronze Bow (By: Elizabeth Speare)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (By: Mark Twain)
Blue Willow (By: Doris Gates)
Call of the Wild (By: Jack London)
Cricket On The Hearth (By: Charles Dickens)
Jack and Jill (By: Louisa May Alcott)
Letters from Rifka (By: Karen Hesse)
Little Brother Bear (By: William J. Long)
Little Men (By: Louisa May Alcott)
Miracles On Maple Hill (By: Virginia Sorenson)
Number The Stars (By: Lois Lowry)
Penrod (By: Booth Tarkington)
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (By: Mildred Taylor)
Snow Treasure (By: Marle McSwigan)
Swiss Family Robinson (By: Johann Wyss)
VonTrapp Family Singers (By: Maria Von Trapp)
Where The Red Fern Grows (By: Wilson Rawls)
Winged Watchman (By: Hilda Van Stockhum)
Johnny Tremain
Amos Fortune, Free Man
The Sign of the Beaver
The Fields of Home
Misty of Chincoteague
At The Back Of The North Wind
Captain's Courageous
Falcon's of France
The Reb and the Redcoats
The Children of the New Forest

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