Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Latest Trip To The Lake

This afternoon after school (1:30p - isn't homeschooling grand ?!?!), we went with some friends (the E family - well, atleast part of the E family went) to Fort Loudoun to swim. The children had a grand time and I tried to "click" photos but they kept moving too fast. Lots of blurs !! (HA !) The first photo above was actually taken after we were finished swimming - everyone needs a snack after an afternoon to spashing, right ??

It was hot !! REALLY hot !! REALLY REALLY REALLY HOT !! (actually, watching the news tonight, the weather man said it was 104 today in that area - and I believe him !!) It was hot - did I mention that yet ??

So - the children splashed and played, thoroughly enjoying an afternoon together AND playing in the water.

The park was immaculate as always, and we had the place nearly to ourselves I assume because the public schools began earlier this week.

We did not tour the fort or museum today - it was just TOO HOT to walk around a whole lot. Maybe next time, when it is a bit cooler. We did however get information and a schedule about the Reenactments that happen every so often during the fall and early winter monthes - those should be really neat !!

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