Thursday, August 30, 2007

Identification of Birds

While reading the Burgess Bird Book aloud (again), we stumbled onto a FAMILY ADVENTURE (now included in our Nature Journals too !) ... for birds. There were more than a few that we already knew by sight and name (being avid bird-feeder watchers - at last count we have 8 feeders of varying style, size, adn content !) Others were new to us completely. This of course led to "Mom, what's that bird at the feeder now called ?" and so on.

First we went to our bookshelves for the answers ... we have a few Guides and a few good books, plus a few Dover coloring books that cover birds. And then we did some searching online together and VOILA ....

This site has GREAT photos of males and females, maps, nesting habits, food habits, sometimes even their footprints are included ... AND .... it has their SOUNDS !! So you can hear the song of a Robin or BlueJay ... and if you are reading the Burgess Bird book (as we are), when Peter (Rabbit) describes in detail how he "loves" to hear the songs of various friends (birds) ... well, you can listen too.


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MommaofMany said...

How great is that site!!

I have been struggling through the Burgess Bird Book with my Y1. It seems so...wordy! I do enjoy his animal stories, "The Adventures of..." and have read through many of those outloud. The Bird Book and The Animal Book, though, are taking some time to get into.

Thanks for the bird site! I'm adding it to my Bookmarks!