Sunday, August 12, 2007

The "Tail" of King Alfred

This little guy was dumped here on the farm (we think). He found his way to our house (aka Cat Utopia - HA !).

He seems to be maybe 8w old or less, and is a beautiful gray with golden eyes. However, he is TERRIBLY thin and malnourished, and so was also VERY weak the first few days after his arrival.

So, with some Starkist daily (for 3 days so far) along with Kitten Chow and lots of fresh water ... he seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Of course the LOVE he has gotten is also probably making him stronger too. Just this morning he is beginning to play a little bit.

King Alfed is the name Cherub 1 chose for him. Alfred is VERY personable .... quite a lap cat, with a LOUD motor running whenever a person is near. And considering the kind of treatment he has received, he is certainly living the life of a King.
August 22 UPDATE: King Alfred is doing SO much better. He is playing and running, eating well, and of course he is napping. His coat looks better and his overall energy level has improved greatly. He even has a little "round-ness" to his tummy.

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