Monday, August 20, 2007

Nature Study: Butterflies and Bumblebees

Note: All photos are from our gardens.
We are beginning our Nature Studies this year with a study of Butterflies and Bumblebees - merely because they are VERY interesting AND because there are so many here at our house lately.
When we "spy" a butterfly, we try to either take a photo or make a GOOD observation - then we use our Peterson Guide to butterflies to local a picture that matches "exactly" - thus discovering it's name, region, habits, and such. We also sketch (or use a copy of a coloring page) and color the butterfly exactly, and then write (in our own words) what we KNOW about the lovely creature we just studied.
When we spied a great big Bumblebee a few days ago (in our Sunflower patch), we used our books to learn about Bumblebees, and then sketch (or used a coloring page - for the younger ones) and color a Bumblebee, then including a "narration" of what we learned.
Nature Journals - this is probably one of our MOST FAVORITE "school" activities. We encourage everyone to try it if they have never before kept a Nature Journal. Sometimes we work around a theme, and other times the children work on ideas and interests of their very own. In the end, it is a wonderful experience and a fantastic addition to "science" as it studies God's Wonderful "ArtWork".

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