Friday, August 03, 2007

School Plans For Cherub 3

Scripture Memory
St. Joseph's New Catechism
Bible History (By: Ignatius Schuster, D.D.)
Trial & Triumph (By: Richard Hannula)
Butler's Lives of Saints (By: Bernard Bangley)
(Service projects and CCD offered through our church)

History & Biographies:
This Country of Ours (By: H.E. Marshall)
George Washington's World (By: Genevieve Foster)
An Island Story (By: H.E. Marshall)
Poor Richard (By: James Daugherty)
Abagail Adams - Witness To A Revolution (By: Natalie Bober)
**Book of Centuries to be completed as needed (daily / weekly)

Nature Study:
Madam How, Lady Why (By: Charles Kingsley)
Nature Walks & Nature Journal
Christian Liberty Nature Reader #4

Handwriting Without Tears Cursive

US Geography (Dover)
Kon Tiki (By: Thor Heyerdahl)
Lewis & Clark (By: George Sullivan)
Tree In The Trail (By: Holling C. Holling)
Seabird (By: Holling C. Holling)
Pagoo (By: Holling C. Holling)

Science & Biographies:
FairyLand of Science (By: Arabella Buckley)
It Just Couldn't Happen (By: Lawrence Richards)
Leonardo daVinci (By: Emily Hahn)
Along Came Galileo

Apologia Botany (term 1)
Apologia Zoology 1 (term 2)

**possible switch to Teaching Textbooks later this fall
Math drills (facts)
Math Games (Math It, Muggins, etc)
**4 Living Math books yet to be selected.

Foreign Language:
Rummy Roots (greek and latin roots - game)
Spanish - Rosetta Stone ?

Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
Works of Emily Dickinson
Works of William Wordsworth

Age of Fable (By: Bulfinch)
Age of Chilvary (By: Bulfinch)
Robinson Crusoe (By: Daniel Defoe)
Kidnapped (By: R.L. Stevenson)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (By: Washington Irving)
Rip Van Winkle (By: Washington Irving)
A Tale of Two Cities (By: Charles Dickens)

Lamb's Shakespeare
Original Works of Shakespeare
** movie (of play read) ??

Music Study:
Spiritual Lives of the Composers
Color The Classics

Artist Study:
Art Masterpieces (Masters)
The Story of Painting From Cave Painting To Modern Times

colored pencil technique
sketch technique
watercolor technique
oil pastel technique

Business Skills:
Idiot's Guide To Letter Writing

Spelling Wisdom 3

Current Events:

Primary Language Lessons (finish) (Emma Serl)
Intermediate Language Lessons (Emma Serl)

Writing Skills Workbooks 3 & 4 (Spectrum)
Help ! I Have To Write A Book Report
Writer's Inc.Story Starters: Helping Children Write ... (Karen Andreola)

The Body Book

Swim Team

Additional Reading:
Calico Captive (By: Elizabeth George Speare)
Sign of the Beaver (By: Elizabeth George Speare)
Johnny Tremain (By: Esther Forbes)
The Red Badge of Courage (By: Stephen Crane)
Common Sense (By: Thomas Paine)
Reb and the Redcoats (By: Constance Savery)
Amos Fortune, Free Man (By: Elizabeth Yates)
Bambi (By: Felix Salten)
Ralph Moody's LITTLE BRITCHES series (8 books total)
Chronicles of Narnia series(7 books total) C.S. Lewis
Lord of the Rings series (4 books) (J.R.R. Tolkein)
Gentle Ben (By: Walt Morey)
Gone Away Lake (By: Elizabeth Enright)
Return To Gone Away (By: Elizabeth Enright)
Justin Morgan Had A Horse (By: Marguerite Henry)
Lassie Come Home (By: Knight)
Pollyanna (By: Eleanor Porter)
The Railway Children (By: Edith Nesbit)
Thimble Summer (By: Elizabeth Enright)
Tree of Freedom (By: Rebecca Caudill)
Children of the New Forest (By: Captain Marryat)
Michael Farraday - Father of Electronics (By: Charles Ludwig)
Misty of Chincoteague (By: Marguerite Henry)
King of the Golden River (By: John Ruskin)

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