Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Character Training

After our enormous difficulties this spring and after a rather emotional and chaotic summer, things have gotten a bit "out-of-order" in our home with regard to Character.

One major issue has been general bickering and complaining, and an overall lack of kindness by our children. Our servant's hearts somehow got lost, and our compassion (most especially for one another) seems to have gone with it.

It was decided by the whole family in a heartwrenching Family Meeting - we ARE going to do a focused study on Character Traits - and we are ALL going to work on improving our own "character" so that we might be happier with regard to God, to ourselves, to our family, and even to our friends and aquaintances. We are going to focus on those traits that God "spelled out" in His Holy Word. And we are going to intensely look for the practical ways we can LIVE His Instructions for us every minute of every day.

So as we tackle this GIANT project and very intense heart-matter, and as we try to RIGHT these issues this school year (and most especially this fall as we are beginning this difficult journey together, and as we straive for NEW habits), please pray for us.

Side Note: On my journey to find materials (online and through borrowed library books) with which to truly STUDY such character traits, I stumbled upon this quote which we are going to use as our "launch" point for our Character Studies.

“It’s human nature to be self-occupied...When we continually think only of ourselves, it’s stamped on our face and heart, the way a coin is minted. It’s the print of God I see on the face of the child who is learning to care for others.”
* Said By: Ms. Leistner, visitor to a Charlotte Mason school.

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