Monday, August 27, 2007

Update On DadToCherubs

Four weeks ago DadToCherubs went to the doctors for a check-up and with a few "minor" complaints (headaches, low energy level, difficultly sleeping, endless appetite, and headaches nearly daily).

And after the exam, he was diagnosed with difficultly sleeping, high blood pressure, and a weight issue. He weighed 234 lbs that morning. The doctor gave him blood pressure medicine, and appetite supressant, something to help him sleep (for "as needed" use only), and STRONG advice to quit drinking soda (completely) and to get his diet under control to lose some weight (quite a bit of weight actually).

After more than a few years of drinking NOTHING other than CocaCola (10-12 per day minimum !), he quit ... cold turkey as they say ... and bought a case bottled water on his way home from the appointment. He also agreed to limit his calories to 1200-1500 per day. And of course he agreed to begin the blood pressure medicine. He made "dietary" changes first until his blood pressure is under control - it did not seem a good idea to add exercise (beyond normal activity) until his blood pressure was stable as he has a history of strokes. So a low calorie diet, drinking water .... sleeping and eating on a "schedule" .... these were the first steps in his PLAN to get his health back.

So ... today was his 4-week checkup with the doctor. He weighed 218.5 pounds this morning ... which means he has lost 15.5 pounds in 4 weeks !! YAHOOOO !! He has been faithful to drinking NOTHING but water for the last 4 weeks. He has worked very hard to adhere to his 1200-1500 calories per day diet. His blood pressure is much better, but not yet completely in the "safe" range I suppose. The other good side-notes are that he has a bit more energy, is sleeping better (without meds other than maybe 2-3 nights of the last month so far), and that he has had only 1 headache in 4 weeks (after having had them nearly daily for quite a while). He feels great !!

Just wanted to brag a little about him ... he has worked VERY hard and his determination has not been shaken through this first month. (The goal is to get his weight down around 150 pounds, but this will take some time to accomplish.). One step at a time ....

Please pray that he remain strong in his determination to get his health under control, and in his commitment to continue forward with the plans for returning his body to GOOD health ..... and also pray for him as this week he will add in an exercise routine 2x per day with our BowFlex (now that his blood pressure is lower so it is safer) ....

We will keep you posted.
DadToCherubs weight is now down to 210 pounds ... he has lost 24 pounds in just a little over a month. YAHOOOO !!
UPDATE: September 7, 2007:
DadToCherubs got on the scale this morning ... he weighs 209.5 pounds .... he is under the 210 pound mark ... so he has officially lsot 25 pounds .... and he is SOOOO proud of this. YEAH !!!! WAY TO GO DAD-TO-CHERUBS !!


MamaLion said...

Yeah, DadtoCherubs!!!

MommaofMany said...

I am so happy for him!! Tell him good job and I hope he will completely break his soda addiction!

My Honey really cut down after having most of those same complaints, but has yet to stop completely. I can handle his 1-2 a day rather than the 5-6!