Saturday, August 04, 2007

County Championship Swim Meet

Today (Saturday) 5 of our children (everyone except Cherub 6) raced in their last swim meet for the Summer Swim Team - the Dolphins. They raced against 2 other teams from our county for the County Championship.

Today started bright and early - everyone got up at 6am this morning, to be at the pool for Warm-Ups at 750am, followed by Preliminary Races which lasted until just before noon. Then we came home for lunch and a quiet restful afternoon. And at 3p we left for the pool again - and Warm-Ups were scheduled to begin at 350p. The Final Races began at 5p sharp and lasted until 10p. WHAT A VERY LONG DAY !!

Everyone had a grand time and is now EXHAUSTED. They are having a quick snack (swimming makes you VERY hungry), and then we are headed to bed.

And the end result of the day .... by A LOT of points .... the Dolphins WON .... for the 6th year in a row. HOORAY !!
And just to mention: when the winning team (ours) was announced, the WHOLE TEAM pushed their coaches (Molly & Bob) into the pool, and then all of the team members jumped in as well. This apparently is a Team Tradition, although we did not learn of it until after it happened. HA ! Of course, there was a lot of clapping, whistling, and cheering too. It was quite a sight to see !

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Priscilla said...

Awww... tell her I love her too... and no, as far as I know, there were no loyal Care Bear Fans among my class. Too bad... I seem to have a particular fondness for little girls who like Care Bears. (And puzzles too at that!! What a sweet couple of pictures below. Puzzles, I find, are extremely rewarding especially when help from Dad is involved in the finish.)

Love you all.