Monday, August 13, 2007

Our First Day Of School

We prepared and worked all spring & summer to get ready ... and today was our First Day of School (and first school day in our new house).
We started the day with a yummy Breakfast Casserole (crockpot recipe !) .... then we completed our "Family" subjects (Bible & Science this morning) ... and then everyone went straight to "work" on their individual assignments (with Mom helping of course as needed).
Everyone made a great effort, and it seemed by the end of the day that everyone had "claimed" their favorite "SPOT" to do their schoolwork. (HA !) Overall, things today went VERY smoothly, and we got a great start to what is going to be a VERY busy year.
Tomorrow is another school day - and we are having Fruit Cobbler (another crockpot recipe) for breakfast. YUMMY !!

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MamaLion said...

I like the new schoolroom set-up, or at least what I can see of it. Makes me realize it's been too long since I've been over!