Saturday, August 18, 2007

What Better Place ?!?!?

When a person sees a farm and signs of children (bikes, toys, etc) ... and they want to be rid of a pet .... they think "what better place ?!?!" Well, there must be quite a few people lately that have had just this thought exactly.

In the past 4 weeks, we have adopted 1 adult female cat (Rose) AND 1 severely malnourished kitten (King Alfred) ... who by the way is doing much better now that he is well hydrated and well fed ... he even has a bit of a rounded tummy now. Both cats were dumped here by passing cars.

And just this morning, this little girl (photos above - and now named Hobo) was found not far from our vegetable garden ... YIKES !! She was dumped as well - how awful, esp in this heat !! She looks to be just barely over 8weeks old. The poor little dear !!

I think we are rapidly approaching NOAH'S ARK status.
HAPPY NEWS UPDATE Aug 22: This little pup has found a home that is NOT ours. There is a 90yo gentleman that lives across the street, and he spoke to the Farm Manager about his wanting a puppy. So last evening, Cherub 1 and I took this little pup over to meet him ... it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !! She will undoubtedly be in great hands and in a loving home .... HAPPY NEWS ! HAPPY NEWS !

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Amy said...

Oh, my word! I would so have the same problem, of too many animals. Luckily for my husband the stray animals (dogs mostly) in Peru are only half covered with hair, and where their hair should be they have any number of lesions, or wounds or mud or whatever... Yuck. We stay away, besides they're not usually friendly. But I LOVE my pets! And especially if I lived on a farm! Oh my.

Come on by my place any time!
on our way back to Peru

PS. I think I saw your link on the AO yahoo group?!