Thursday, August 30, 2007

How-To Videos

(this is the hobbies section, go to the main site for all of the categories)

Please keep in mind that I did NOT personally view all the videos on this website, but the 3 art ones that I did watch were appropriate for children. Here are just SOME of the listings found only in the HOBBIES, so you can get a quick sample...

Scarf Juggling Tricks, Techniques, and Patterns: Free Online Video Lessons(15 videos)
Juggling Tricks, Techniques, & Patterns: Learn Free! Online VideoLessons (15 videos)
Free Salsa Lessons: Advanced Dance Steps & Salsa Dancing Moves (14 videos)
Free Beginner Salsa Lessons: Dance Steps & Salsa Dancing Moves (15 videos)
Cha-Cha-Cha: Latin Dancing Video Lessons (15 videos)
Domino! Learn How to Play Dominoes : Tips and Techniques for Beginners (7videos)
How to Make Stop Motion Animation (9 videos)
Free Magic Card Trick Basics : mAgIc TrIcKs rEvEaLeD (15 videos)
How to Build a Campfire: Online Guide to Camping & Fire Safety (14 videos)
How to Set Up a Tent: Free Online Camping Guide (15 videos)
How to Skip Stones (3 videos)
Beginning the Art of Modern Dance : First Steps for the Novice (14 videos)
Beginning Tap Dancing Techniques (15 videos)
Neoclassical Ballet Steps & Positions : Dance Lesson for Beginners (15videos)
How To Tie Boating Knots (16 videos)
How to Tie Camping Knots (17 videos)
Campfire Safety Tips: How to Have a Safe Camping Trip (15 videos)
Drum Music for the Traditional Southern Chinese New Year Lion Dance (15videos)
The Traditional Southern Chinese New Year Lion Dance: Steps & Instruction(15 videos)
Ballroom Dance Class for Beginners : Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz Steps & More(15 videos)
About Hot Air Balloons : Basic Hot Air Ballooning and Ballooning Safety Tips(15 videos)
Fly Fishing Instruction Guide: Advanced Line Casting Tips & Techniques,Knots (17 videos)
Tying Fly Fishing Knots & More Pro Tips & Techniques: Fishing InstructionGuide (15 videos)
Fly Fishing Instruction Guide: Tackle & Equipment Tips: Rods, Reels & Line(18 videos)
The Art of Watercolor Painting: Free Online Lessons (25 videos)
Tango: Latin Dancing: Learn How to Tango! (15 videos)
How to Dance Merengue: Tips & Techniques (15 videos)
Performance Tips for Balloon Artists: Entertaining With Balloon Modeling(15 videos)
How to Make Balloon Hats: Intermediate Balloon Modeling (15 videos)
How to Make Balloon Animals & Characters: Intermediate Balloon Modeling(15 videos)
How To Make Wire Sculptures (15 videos)
How to Irish Step Dance (16 videos)
Irish Step Dancing: Intermediate Level (15 videos)
Basic Artistic Drawing Techniques: Pencil Sketching & Line Drawing (15videos)
How to Start Drawing (15 videos)
How to Build Electronic Circuits: Basic Electronics Instruction (41 videos)
How to Prepare for a Horse Show: Showmanship Preparation (15 videos)
Intermediate Bareback Riding Lessons: Horseback Riding Tips and Techniques(14 videos)
Bathing Your Horse : Best Methods for Safe & Thorough Washes (15 videos)
How to Prepare Your Horse Oats & Feed (14 videos)
Advanced Hula Dancing Tips (13 videos)
Hula Dancing Tips for Beginners (15 videos)
Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching: Backyard Birding Tips and Techniques(14 videos)
Best Bird Watching Equipment: Know what you Need to Get Started in Birding(14 videos)
Birding By Ear: How to Identify Birds by Songs, Calls & Mechanical Sounds(15 videos)
How to Identify Birds by Sight : Tips and Techniques for Birding by Sight(16 videos)

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